Sunday, 29 January 2012

So Far, So Good

Well I've managed to stick to my budget for the last 3 weeks, Ive only spent £111 on housekeeping! I can't believe I've done it and we seemed to have eaten a whole load more healthier than normal. I have also had many days when I haven't spent so much as a penny. It's all been a matter of planning my meals in advance and only buying the items I need. Why didn't I do this before? 

My most expensive week was when it was my mums birthday, we went out for a meal on the evening and then again the next day when Soph popped back from uni (that's the two of them above). We tried Dunsley Hall Hotel in Kinver for lunch, it was great and well worth the money. Have a look  and let me know what you think.

We have been really busy with DIY at home. Whilst Jacks away travelling we are re plastering his room, Sophs room and also making alterations up the loft. Oh my God the loft, I have never seen so much junk in a place in my life. Think we will need 2 large skips to get rid of it. Why did I keep it in the first place only to throe it away now.
This is only half of what we have thrown away so far and there is still half the loft to sort through yet! Some stuff is still wrapped up from when we moved to this house in 1994!

Here's next weeks menu, I spent £42 at Aldi today which is the most amount of money I have spent on housekeeping so far this year. I am aiming for £200 spend every 4 weeks, this includes cleaning items, deodorants etc. I have also been making my own brad every day. 

Week beg. 27th Jan
Friday Spaghetti bolagnase
Saturday Chilli
Sunday Roast Chicken dinner
Monday Chicken pie
Tuesday Pasticchio
Wednesday Potato wedge tortilla
Thursday Kedgeree

Let me know how you are doing saving your pennies in 2012.
Oh one more thing, the gas bill came yesterday and we managed to cut it by £200! We have started leaving the heating on more of the time so the house is always at a constant temperature. Mind you we have not had such a cold winter as last year but I have checked on our bill from Jan 2010 and we have still saved £155 on that.


Elizabethd said...

We find that leaving the heating on is much more money saving. The house is always warm and we have ony had to fill the tank once in a year, whereas it used to be twice.

Funkymonkey said...

I'm trying and failing to save money at the moment.It's good to see that someone is successful. I've never been inside Dunsley Manor although we drive past it regularly. My husband's grandfather used to work there as a groom when it was owned by a Mr Marsh of the Marsh & Baxters chain of butchers shops. I have an important birthday this year and rather fancy going there for afternoon tea as a treat. I need to speak nicely to my old man I think.

Kelly said...

Well done! £200 is quite an achievement!!