Monday, 31 March 2008

Getting Things Finished

Managed to get a few things finished at last. I think its reading all those lovely blogs and seeing what everyone else makes that's given me the inspiration.

Made these little shoes out of felt for my niece and the cushions out of a remnant of fabric I had in my stash.
Also managed to make myself a blouse and a summer top out of cheesecloth. Pictures of these to follow.
Hopefully I will be able to post more often now.

Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Where as this week gone too!!!

I can't believe it is already Wednesday and the kids break up fron college tomorrow for two weeks. I wanted all my housework, washing and ironing finished but only managed to clean the bedrooms so far I'm sure the rest will be done before the weekend.

I have managed to finish off my Amy Butler tunic. I'm quite pleased with it but wished I had used a thicker material and I think this may crease quite alot. I found the pattern quite easy to understand and will probably make the cami next (this has got buttonholes I think so will have to have a practise before).
This afternoon I have had too make my daughter a fancy dress outift for tonights college disco. They had to go as something out of yellow pages, she chosse to go as a maid/cleaner. Short black skirt, white apron, black high heels, just how I do my housework!! How I wish I was young again.
Hopefully she will have some photos and I will post one later in the week.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Ebay Update

Busy few days so not much time for blogging. Here is the link to our ebay page for those who were interested. Sold two items so far out of six. One was the pink and white floral bag from the picture below so I'm quite pleased.

Have made a start on the Amy Butler tunic and have also booked my daughter and I a couple of train tickets to London for Saturday as she has a days holiday from work. Hope to do a spot of sightseeing and also a bit of retail therapy.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Too much ebay.

Well I made use of ebay free listing day. Been in the loft and have sorted out all the things I had made and stored up there. About 12 months ago I did a friend a favor and stood at a school ladies evening, this would have been great if they had advertised it but alas only about 20 people turned up so all my hard work sewing had to be brought back home with me. I have used some of it for presents but still have a fair bit to get rid of. You never know ebay may come to the rescue, but whenever I put anything on there it never seems to sell. How does anyone else do?

Whilst looking through the boxes I came across some things I made out of felt a few years ago. I forgot I had them. Think I will put a few drops of essential oil on the Victorian shoe and hang it in my wardrobe.
Thought the shoe picture would be here, obviously it had other ideas.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

What a Grey Day

Well so much for my lie in. Had to get up and take Sophie to work for 9 O'clock. Wished I could have stayed in bed the weather was awful, grey and very windy. Decided that once I was out I might as well do the shopping and then I would have the rest of the day to myself.

Managed to make Shpered's pie for tea and a strawberry cake for pudding and get rid of some of the ironing (not my favorite chore).

Decided to make Amy Butler dress next so washed a piece of fabric ready to cut it out tomorrow (hopefully).

Sorry no photo of fabric yet hopefully tomorrow.

Hubby wants to go on computer now as I'VE been on a while listing items on ebay.

Friday, 7 March 2008

At last I've made something.

Well since my first post I've been really busy. I've managed to finish off all those little jobs people ask you to do once they know you can sew, added new piping to sister-in laws cushions, made a pelmet to match aunties curtains, and turned up friends golfing trousers (for this I got paid in Ferrero Rocher chocolates). Once all this was done I could begin on making a few bags out of some of the material I had in my stash (Betty Boop & the floral and spoty one). The pink VW Camper material was off ebay this week. I couldn't resist it.

Already got a couple of these bags myself so seeing as its free listing weekend on ebay thought I'd put them on there and see what happens.

Looking forward to a lie in tomorrow, been a busy week for all of us. Kids got their A & AS level exam results, my son did well but daughter needs to re sit a couple. If you think its strange that they are both doing A levels at same time it's because there is only 16 months between them.

Well off for a glass of wine now and to see if this post has come out ok.

Sunday, 2 March 2008

Well this is a first for me so heres hoping all goes well. Not much of a computer wizz kid but am willing to learn.

Have been reading a few blogs by other crafters and thought I would have ago.

I love to sew and have a loft full of material. Hope to post a few photos of what I make on here to show to people other than family to see what they think.

Had a lovely Mother's day today, cards and flowers off the kids and a nice shopping trip to Telford with hubby and kids. Treated myself to a new mac ready for the April showers.