Friday, 18 July 2008

Aunties Birthday

Just thought I'd show you what I made my Aunt for her Birthday. I used some left over fabric from a dress I made for the jewellery roll and I used some of my bargain fabrics from Dudley market for the tea cosy. I got the tea pot for £1 from a charity shop and my Aunt's kitchen is blue so it should all match. I made a lavender heart to match too. Sorry the pictures aren't that good but I was in a rush to deliver my present this morning and literally took them just before I wrapped it.

Going away next week so busy weekend trying to dry the washing. Jack gets back from holiday tonight, can't wait, the house has felt so empty with just one of them missing. I still have been laying the table for four at meal times though.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Monday, 14 July 2008

A Busy Monday Morning

Don't know where the weekend went to, they seem to go by so fast these days. We were busy trying to paint the large window on the side of the house before it begins to rain again. We seem to have been doing this forever and there's one just as big to do on the front now. We also spent some of the weekend helping my bother an his family move house, to one just over the road from us. I keep being nosey now watching who's coming and going from there.
When I got up this morning the lilies in our garden had opened, they are such a lovely salmon pink colour.

I need to use up some veg I had bought last week so I made tomato and sweet pepper soup, and butternut squash and chili soup.

Next I used up the left over chicken from yesterday, for tonight's dinner I made chicken and broccoli bake, then I boiled the carcass and made chicken and veg soup. I have put the soups in containers to freeze. I have now got quite a few meals prepared in advance so perhaps I'll have more time for crafting.

We were running out of cakes so I made a few rock buns which I put strawberry jam in instead of currants as the kids don't like currants. Managed to take a few photos of these to show you with the old camera as Jack as taken my new one away with him.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

At Least These are Enjoying The Rain

Had to show you a picture of our grapes this year, they've gone wild. We put the vines in 4 years ago but this is the most grapes we have had. The white grapes seem to do better than the red ones for some reason, only a couple of bunches on them but about 15 on the two white ones. Looks like we'll have to have ago at wine making to use them up!

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Back To It

Been back from holiday a week now but haven't got round to posting. We are trying to paint the outside of the house but the weather is not helping! Where as our summer gone? No time for sewing either because we go away again in three weeks time and Jack goes away Friday with his mates for the first time for a week. I'm a bit nervous about this but what can you do when they are 18? The picture is of us in Alicante on a Saturday evening. The beach was packed as there was some kind of fiesta on. 12 O'clock at night and they were still in the sea. Sophie's boyfriend took the photo for us as he came on holiday too. So as he doesn't feel left out here's a picture of the two of them taken at the bar down the road from our villa.