Saturday, 27 December 2008


Well we all had a wonderful Christmas and so far we have managed to escape the terrible flu that is going around. We had Christmas dinner at home and invited my Mom & Dad (we usually go to theirs). It was great and everyone ate and drank too much. In the afternoon we popped across the road to my brothers where we had a great time trying out my Niece's Wii Fit.
Boxing Day lunch was at Mom's. We were all there as you can see from the photo. Today we have been Go Karting to Oswestry with our friends. Only the lads had a go, the ladies just watched and got very cold.

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Saving the Pennies

Don't know if that how you spell pennies but it will have to do. A few weeks ago whilst buying presents on Amazon (you must think I'm addicted to this website) I came across this book.

The Thrift Book

Live well and spend less

by India Knight

It is full of great tips to save yourself money. Even my 17 year old Daughter sat and read up on how to save money on clothes and make up and was very impressed in what she had learnt.

There are tips from Holidays to Christmas, weddings and family get togethers I have found it so useful. There is a section on crafts and some of the blogs which I read are listed there.

I had a go at the veg curry recipe and we all enjoyed it and it cost hardly anything to make.

Who's A Lucky Girl Then!!

Last week I decided to have another go at making my own bread. I'm so sick of paying over £1 for a loaf of bread which is as hard as a rock the next day. I tried in the summer but my loaf was hard as soon as it came out of the oven! This time I decided to use my food processor (this is an ancient model bought when we got married in 1986 but still working ok). My mom was visiting when I got my loaf out of the oven and she said "well it smells like bread" but they all no my disasters when making bread.
John was the first person to cut it and he couldn't believe how light it was for a change. He loved it and so did everyone else. It didn't last long as I could only use 1lb 2oz of flour in my size processor. It was such a success that I made another one on Sunday and after this one worked also I decided to look at the Kitchen Aid Mixers on Amazon to see how much they were. They had one on offer fro £149, I thought I'd give it a go asking hubby for one for Christmas and Birthday pressie (my Birthday is on 18th Dec and he always moans to me that it's too near Christmas) I was sure he would say no, but to my delight he agreed. I pushed the add to basket button so quick just in case he had a change of mind.

Well it's arrived and I'm so chuffed. Thought I'd post a photo of it before I use it. I'll let you know how I get on in my next post.

On the sewing front I am trying to make a blouse for myself for Christmas but I don't know whether it the material my machine doesn't like or my machine that is playing up but I'm sick of the cotton breaking and the bobbin keep knotting up. I had to put it down yesterday and walk away before I flung the blouse in the bin.

Got a photo of the dressing gown I have made my Niece. It is a lovely lime green colour. I hope she like it.