Monday, 23 March 2009

New Arrival

I've been busy this weekend embroidering cards for my Mom's friends new Grandson. It's their first Grandchild so they're over the moon.

I also made this covered address book for my friends Birthday.

I still have a phone case to make which I will hopefully get started on tomorrow.

Saturday morning Jack and myself went to have our eyes tested, Jack had said that he was struggling to read the board. My eyes hadn't altered but Jack has got to go and see a specialist as the optician thinks he has got Keratoconus, this is when the cornea grows cone shaped. Hopefully they can control it with the wearing of a hard contact lens, if not it may mean a cornea transplant. Hopefully we will know a bit more about it on Wednesday as we have managed to get an appointment with the specialist then (had to pay to get in this quick).

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

It Can't be Wednesday already!

I can't believe it's already Wednesday, where has this week gone to! Jack came home from uni for his Easter break on Saturday and along with him came quite a few loads of washing.

Monday was a day of constant washing and filling up washing lines (at least the weather was good enough to dry it outside) then Tuesday I ironed from 10 O'clock until 3, my legs were dropping off!

Today I have done a spot of baking and then out in the garden, I've cut the grass for the first time this year and put some new plants in the garden that have been waiting around for a few weeks. Oh and in between I did manage to list a few bags on Folksy which I had made a while ago.

I'm sure tomorrow will be just as hectic as I need a trip to Morrisons to fill the cupboards up and then I have a camera case order to make up and decide what to make my friend Jayne for her birthday next week.

Think I'm going to go and watch a bit of tv and put my feet up whilst I can.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

I've Done It!! First Folksy Sale.

Couldn't believe my eyes this morning when I checked my Folksy shop and I had made a sale. I was over the moon. My first sale was one of my Digital Camera Cases, few more left if you want to take a look. Perhaps this is a sign of things to come!!

Friday, 13 March 2009

Birthday Giveaway Winner

Thanks for all your Birthday Wishes and now for the important bit, the winner of my giveaway as drawn out of the cup by hubby this morning (he had late start for a change) was Jayne @ Country Cottage Chic. If your reading this could you email me with your address so as I could get the items off in the post to you asap.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Embroidery Machine up and Running

Decided to do a spot of machine embroidery today, in between my Mom locking herself out and me having to go down and some how try to get her back in. She was cleaning the car outside and don't ask me how it happened but the garage door decided to lock its self and she had left the chain on the front door so couldn't get back in. I managed to find an old hack saw blade that we could just about get through the gap and saw the chain off. I don't think my Dad was too pleased when she phoned and told him, Mom had been digging at the door with a screwdriver and so lets say there's a few bits of wooden door frame missing.

Back to the machine embroidery, hope you like them, thought the tea towel would be good for Mother's Day. I have listed them on Folksy but don't hold your breath cause it seems very slow on there. Needs a lot more PR work to get it up to Esty standards I think.

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


Over the weekend I managed to get a little sewing done and so one of the bags that I made will be my Birthday giveaway prize. Hope you like it.

Thought this little make up bag and tissue holder would be very appropriate for so many of my readers so they'll be in the parcel too!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Hey! I was 1 year Old Sunday and I forgot

Just thinking about when I first started my blog and logged in to check, couldn't believe it was 2nd March, I missed my 1st Birthday. To celebrate I'll do a little giveaway, don't know what it will be yet, but if you leave a comment I'll pop your name into the hat. Leave your comment before next Thursday and hopefully a pressie will be on it's way to you on the Friday.

Wednesday, 4 March 2009

My Kinda Day

After working for 2 days down in my office doing Hubby's books I decided that today I was going to spend doing things I like. I love the book covers I've seen on Hen House blog and there is a link to the tutorial so I thought I would give it a go this morning (I love everything on hen house blog, please take a look). This is how my first one turned out, not too bad I don't think. I make the little flowers with the off cuts of felt from making my embroidered cards (I just can't throw anything away, no matter how small it is. You never know when you may need it).