Friday, 18 July 2008

Aunties Birthday

Just thought I'd show you what I made my Aunt for her Birthday. I used some left over fabric from a dress I made for the jewellery roll and I used some of my bargain fabrics from Dudley market for the tea cosy. I got the tea pot for £1 from a charity shop and my Aunt's kitchen is blue so it should all match. I made a lavender heart to match too. Sorry the pictures aren't that good but I was in a rush to deliver my present this morning and literally took them just before I wrapped it.

Going away next week so busy weekend trying to dry the washing. Jack gets back from holiday tonight, can't wait, the house has felt so empty with just one of them missing. I still have been laying the table for four at meal times though.
Hope you all have a good weekend.


Indigo Blue said...

The tea cosy is brilliant! Very original idea.

oge said...

beautiful fabric and i like the ribbon detail on the tea cosy

Ragged Roses said...

I'm sure she'll love her pressies, they're lovely. Have a good holiday

Miss sew n sew said...

I love the tea cosy. Bet your looking forward to having your boy back oh I've got all this to come a long way off with Elliott being only 1!! You have a boy and girl like me I've always thought I'd worry about my daughter more when there older which do you worry about most?
Have a great hol next week!

Knit and Sew City Girl said...

That is so sweet of you to make a gift for your Aunty and that is such a cool tea cosy. Very unique.


Celia said...

Oh, I love that jewellery roll. I am so sure it was a great gift!
Lovely blog!