Saturday, 31 January 2009

Bits and Bobs

After reading this I thought I would get my overlocker out and have a go with it. I have had it about 15 years but not used it very much, at least not for the last 5 years. It has sat in the cupboard in my sewing room gathering dust!! (There's a lot of dust in our house!!) Last Saturday afternoon I sat at the kitchen table, plugged it in and expected it not to work, but it sprang into life. I couldn't believe it. I did a few test runs on some scrap material and then I was off up the loft to find a piece of fabric to make myself a new top. I had a pattern which I had used at Christmas for a jersey top so decided to use this. I managed to find a piece of brown material and away I went. 1 hour later I had a new top to wear. Why had I not used the overlocker for so long, it made sewing jersey fabric so easy.

The following Sunday I ran myself up a skirt using it. This only cost about £1 because the material was from the local market and was 50p per metre. Will post a photo soon of this. This is the same top in print jersey.
Since last weekend I have managed to do a few bits of sewing. Tried making one of the Russian dolls out of Sew Pretty Christmas book but found it hard to sew around the drawn lines as my fabric marker kept vanishing quicker than I could do it. Does anyone know of a good marker that doesn't vanish within 2 minutes? The doll looks a little drunk as she is a bit lopsided.

Here are a couple of cards that I did on my embroidery machine.

Don't hold much hope of any sewing this weekend, Jacko's back and has you can see he's brought me quite a few weeks of washing and ironing to do. The Rayburns on overtime trying to get it dry.
Excuse the tiles dropping off but I'm assured Hubby will get round to putting them back on one day!!!


Tracey said...

Hi! wondered where you were! You are really talented......I love the tops, well I love everything.....
Tracey xxx

Tracey said...

Hi again! I have an award for you, if you want to come and get it!!
Love Tracey xxx