Monday, 23 March 2009

New Arrival

I've been busy this weekend embroidering cards for my Mom's friends new Grandson. It's their first Grandchild so they're over the moon.

I also made this covered address book for my friends Birthday.

I still have a phone case to make which I will hopefully get started on tomorrow.

Saturday morning Jack and myself went to have our eyes tested, Jack had said that he was struggling to read the board. My eyes hadn't altered but Jack has got to go and see a specialist as the optician thinks he has got Keratoconus, this is when the cornea grows cone shaped. Hopefully they can control it with the wearing of a hard contact lens, if not it may mean a cornea transplant. Hopefully we will know a bit more about it on Wednesday as we have managed to get an appointment with the specialist then (had to pay to get in this quick).


Lisa said...

Good luck with the appointment on Wednesday.
Your friend is so lucky to get such a great birthday pressie.

Country Cottage Chic said...'s not my birthday for a while yet - glad to see that you've made an early start! ;-)


They look lovely Jo!

Amy said...

Hi jo, i have an award for you on my blog...come and get it. xxx

Bobo Bun said...

Jo - I'm finally catching up with everyones recent posts and you've been so busy. Well done on your folksy sale, bet you felt really excited.

Blog Birthday cake looks delicious too, love the flying saucers.

Lisa x