Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Pink & Green

I have spent the last few days shopping with Sophie to get all she needs for her room at Uni. Her colour scheme is pink, all shades of it, with a hint of lime green thrown in. We managed to get all she wanted, but I must say I don't think I want to go shopping for the next few weeks.

I had started making a Union Jack cushion after seeing them in the shops to put in my Folksy shop but as soon as Soph saw it she claimed it for her room, it was pink and green. Looks like I'll have to have a go at another one now.


Tracey said...

That's really lovely, no wonder she claimed it. Is she excited about uni, are you stressed?!! XXX

Tracey said...

How awful...just the two of you left!...LOL. It would drive me mad!
Your daughter is very pretty, I wish her every success. XXX

claire said...

Fabulous cushion :)
Love the colours - your daughter has great taste!!

Cal said...

Great UJ cushion. I love the colour choices. Can't blame your daughter for wanting something so pretty. x

Amy said...

lovely cushion. good luck to your daughter. :)

Lisa said...

Great colour combination, don't blame your daughter for nabbing it!
Lisa x

funkymonkey said...

Gorgeous cushion. Well done to your daughter too!


Primrose Corner said...

Gorgeous cushion. Daughters seem to love pink don't they. Mine claims all things pink and pinky-purple... it's a compliment really.

Lucey said...

What lovely colours in that cushion a change from the usual red white and blue. Lucey x

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