Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Bits ans Bobs

Well it seems ages since I managed to post. I have been busy organising things to decorate Sophie's room whilst she is away. They only do 10 week terms and before I know it she'll be back and the room wont be finished.

I have got my partner for the Christmas Stocking Swap, it's the very talented Sam from here. What wonderful drawings she does, mine would have to be of stick men! I now need to knuckle down and think what I am going to make for her.

I need to start to use up some of my stash, it just seems to get bigger and bigger, I have all these ideas but not enough time to sew them. Last night I managed to finish off a few padded hearts that have been hanging around for months and I made Jack a wheat bag out of my stash too. I think his uni digs are going to be quite cold this winter, it's a 9 bedroom Georgina house in Lemington Spa and the only form of heating are electric radiators (oh my god! the bill!).

Off to visit Soph tomorrow at uni so I'm off now to make her a chili and an apple and Cinnamon cake to take with me. Soph isn't the worlds best cook yet, we know when she is having her dinner as our phone keeps ringing and this little voice says, How do you cook this Mom? I'm sure she'll get there eventually, I think I was like that when I first left home.

See you soon XXX


MelMel said...

What pretty makes, I'm sure she will be thrilled with them..x

funkymonkey said...

Love all the things you have made. I'm sure your girl is managing just fine. My son has just begun a paper round much to my dismay. I now spend the early mornings fussing before he goes out, fussing when he's out and then am hugely releived when he arrives home safely. Never ending isn't it!


Tracey said...

mmmmmm, that cake sounds good!!! At least Soph is trying to cook & not living on takeaways! Good on her. xxx

Lisa said...

Apple and cinnamon cake, yum!
Hope you have a lovely time visiting your daughter.
Lisa x


Uni life!! A wonderful experience, all our boys have turned out decent cooks through 'having to'at Uni- haha!
That cake sounds good!

x Vicky x

Kelly said...

love the pretty things you have made!
I'm sure you will finnish the room and it will look lovely!
As for calling to check how to cook things??? sounds like a ploy :)

I would do it if i was going to get chilli and cake too ha ha xxxx