Friday, 18 December 2009

My Birthday Treat

Well today I'm another year older and to celebrate my Sister-in-law bought john and myself tickets to the Black Country Museums Christmas evening. So on the coldest day of the winter yet we wrapped up snug and warm and made our way to Dudley. It was a lovely evening, we watched the Black Country Pantomime, looked inside numerous cottages, all with lovely coal fires blazing and people in Victorian costumes. The snow unfortunately had to be man made! We have only had a few flakes here the last couple of days! Lots of carol singers and plenty to eat and drink and plenty of visitors, you should have seen the ques for fish and chips!

There's going to be a lot of singing in the Robinson household over Christmas, the kids and hubby bought me Singstar Take That and Abba for the PS3! None of us are very good singers so this should be fun! I had lots of other goodies but haven't managed to take any photos yet.

Went to do the Christmas food shop today and couldn't believe it when I got to the checkout, £190 and no meat or fruit and veg,I'm going to get this Monday (it's so cold in our workshop nothing will go off in there!).


Tracey said...

A very happy birthday!!!!
I'll send you some snow! xxx

Indigo Blue said...

Happy Birthday!
Cornwall very rarely gets snow although we have had some heavy downfalls in recent years. My

Josie said...

happy birthday! sounds like a great day!
Josie x
ps) it's hubby's birthday next week - on christmas day!

funkymonkey said...

Hope you had a great birthday. I love the BCM and loved watching the series about the land girls that was on BBC a few months ago and seeing all the familiar buildings. I think I'm glad it hasn't snowed here. I've still got a couple of days at work and don't relish the train journey if it does.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday :)

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday wishes to you!
Lisa x

claire said...

Happy Birthday!!
We have snow was forecast from Wednesday...personally it could have waited another few days until my husband finishes work for christmas!!
I still have to do the food shop..thinking of going tomorrow friend text me yesterday hers was £214!!! Why do we do this...and I have 14 for christmas day...better prepare myself!!!!