Saturday, 14 January 2012

Happy New Year!

I Know its a bit late but Happy New Year! Time seems to pass so quickly nowadays, do you feel the same?
The photo above was from the 3rd Jan when we had no electricity from 11.30 in the morning until 8 on the evening. It was really spooky outside in the street, the cars were driving along with their main beams on. We got invited to my brothers for casserole so perhaps we should have a power cut once a week and then we could get invited out more often.

Jacks still away, he's in Australia now, I wish I was there. I could do with a holiday, we never managed to get away last year, hubby had too much work on and you don't like to refuse it when it's there. He's gone quiet now because we haven't had that cold a winter as yet (he's an industrial heating engineer).

It's just me and hubby at home at the moment as Soph is back at uni. I'm trying to be very frugal with what I spend since Christmas. I'm hoping to feed the two of us for £50 a week. I managed last week, only spent £31 and so far this week I've spent £4.96 . I'm being very good planning our meals and making sure I use up all the perishable foods first, I'm sick of throwing away out of date items. I've made some blueberry muffins this morning to use them up.

Yesterday I made leek and potato soup with left over leeks from Christmas! We have got a mountain of leftover chocolate from Christmas, god help us if the two of us at all that, we'll be the size of a house! Think I will box it up and send it off to uni with Soph, there are seven girls in her house so it shouldn't take them long to demolish it.

Here's my meal plan for this week, I'll let you know if we kept to it and how much I spent next Saturday

Friday 13 Jan  Beef & carrot pie
Sat                  Beef & carrot pie left overs
Sun                 Boiled bacon and parsley sauce
Mon               Sausage paprika 
Tue                Lasagna
Wed              Pork Chops
Thur              Fish pie

I love reading the blogs when people are trying to save their pennies, one of my favourites is Frugal Queen have a look and see what you think.