Friday, 5 September 2014

Frugal Cooking

After a morning of ironing, my least favourite household chore it was time to decide what to cook for tea. I'd defrosted some mince the day before but hadn't used it so today it was going to be chilli for tea. To save a few more pennies and make the weekly food shop go further I've started to divide my 500g packs of mince in two before I freeze them so we now get two meals for the price of one. I made my normal chilli receipe but packed it out with veg, courgette and carrot.  It looked and tasted delicious. Enough for six portions.

I also had some coffee butter cream to use up so made some butterfly cakes.  When I ran out of the cream I just used icing sugar and sprinkles.

Next to be used up were some dates left from Christmas! The next one will soon be with us. I used my trusty old Dairy Cook book to find a recipe.  Sunshine Bars it was. Dates, cinnamon and a whole chopped up orange go into them but no sugar! I was a bit sceptical of no sugar so sprinkled a little demerara on top during cooking. Well I have to say that they did taste great. Lovely moist pieces of orange.  I served it warm with a little custard for our pudding. The dishes were empty so that's a good sign.


Indigo Blue said...

Oh my goodness, not seen tha book for ages. My mum used to have one of those, she has recently moved house so I am not sure if she still has it. Lots of lovely food there, any chance I could move in! Got a couple of recipes on my blog if you are interested. The links are in the margin. Super soup is one of our favourites and it is a version we make of school I just vary the ingredients.

jo said...

I'll have a look at those. Soup is one of my favourites with crusty bread.

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gream said...

I'll have a look at those. Soup is one of my favourites with crusty bread.

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