Monday, 27 October 2008

Keeping Busy

Can't believe how long it's been since my last post. We have a a bit of celebrating to do, Sophie past her driving test!! I was so glad she past first time like her brother, I was also a little sad too because it seemed like the end of an era, no more lifts to college and back or 'could you just drop me off there mom', I feel redundant but I'm sure she'll find something else for me to fill my time with.

Jack has settled into Uni life and we have got a little more used to him not being around. He has popped home for the weekend twice and brought loads of washing. My Rayburn worked overtime trying to dry it.

On the crafting front I have been busy sewing myself some tops for the winter and at the moment I have a wool jacket on the go. The pattern I'm using isn't lined so it should be quite quick to make. I made my Niece a bag, purse and a felt dog for her Birthday but I couldn't take any photos of it because Jacko took my camera off to Uni with him so I have had to get me a new one. I made another teddy out of Cath Kidston fabric so I have took some photos of this to try out the camera. Seems OK so far. I may try selling this teddy on Ebay first, if not my Nan fell in love with him when she came up last week and it is her Birthday soon so she may be the new owner.

Well got to go and do some paper work now, my office is in the cellar so I'm not going to see much of this lovely sunshine they promised us today.

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Philigry said...

love that bear! so cute!