Thursday, 4 December 2008

Saving the Pennies

Don't know if that how you spell pennies but it will have to do. A few weeks ago whilst buying presents on Amazon (you must think I'm addicted to this website) I came across this book.

The Thrift Book

Live well and spend less

by India Knight

It is full of great tips to save yourself money. Even my 17 year old Daughter sat and read up on how to save money on clothes and make up and was very impressed in what she had learnt.

There are tips from Holidays to Christmas, weddings and family get togethers I have found it so useful. There is a section on crafts and some of the blogs which I read are listed there.

I had a go at the veg curry recipe and we all enjoyed it and it cost hardly anything to make.


Philigry said...

yummy! that looks like such a good book.

Josie said...
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Anonymous said...

excellent book, i really like India Knight not least because i lost two stone following her diet after having my daughter! May put that on my wish list

Summer by the sea said...

I saw that book advertised - I think I will add it to my christmas list now! - Natalie x

Primrose Corner said...

A book of the times then really. Love vegetable curry, like saving the pennies - sounds like a good book to have.

Josie said...

sounds like a good book and the curry looks great too!
Merry Christmas!
Josie x