Monday, 27 July 2009

Retail Therapy

There was too much sport on tv on Saturday that hubby wanted to watch, Tour de France, Moto GP and F1 so I got in the car and had myself a ride to Garden Village at Shipley. I hadn't been here for quite some time, when the kids were Little we seemed to go quite often to look at the animals they had for sale in Dolittles. I even gave in once and came back with a rabbit and hutch!

There are quite a few wooden cabins selling vintage items, sweets, handbags soaps and candles but my favourite shop was House of Iishkar, it was full of fabrics, button, cottons, you name it, they'd got it. I couldn't resist a few pieces of fabric to add to my stash (may even be back soon for more!!) They offer sewing classes and also classes for under 16's to learn to use a sewing machine! Think this may be a Birthday present for my Niece.

Sunday was spent Karting with hubby and son and today it looks like hubby is coming down with a cold, I do hope it doesn't turn into swine flu as quite a few people we know have got it.


Josie said...

It looks a great place to shop, I'm not surprised you bought some more fabric!
Josie x

Cal said...

Fingers crossed it's not the Swine flu. Looks like a great shop. Plenty of choice.
Cal x

Tracey said...

Fantastic shop....Hope you all don't start oinking.xxxxxxxxxx

Indigo Blue said...

Looks like my kind of fabric shop!

Country Cottage Chic said...

Lovely little shop! Hope hubby doesn't have piglet flu!


Shabby Chick said...

Of course you can join in the giveaway, the more the merrier!

That shop looks brilliant. I could do with a sewing machine lesson but there's no way I could pass for under 16 ;)

Mel xxx