Friday, 8 January 2010

He's Not a Teenager Anymore!

Yesterday Jack turned 20. Where did those 20 years go! I got married when I was 20, how times have changed, it seems to be nearer 30 now before they get married.

I baked his cake and Soph decorated it.

I had a session making Birhtday cards with my embroidery machine on Wednesday. This year I'm hoping to be more organised, not making the cards and presents on the morning of the persons Birthday! I'm also trying to use up a lot of my fabric stash, I'm only going to buy the bits and bobs I need to finish amy items off like zips, buttons etc.


Kelly said...

Happy Birthday Jack!
Great cake, oh and loving the ice cream card, that's brilliant!

Tracey said...

Happy birthday Jack... Those cards are wonderful! xxx

Lisa said...

Happy Birthday wishes.
Cake looks very nice indeed!
Lisa x

Josie said...

Happy Birthday! the cards look lovely!
Josie x

♥ Amy ♥ said...

Happy birthday Jack! xxx

Rubyred said...

Happy Birthday Jack!
I know what you mean., I married at 19! I can't imagine my 20 yr old daughter getting married yet! She doesn't want to either!
The cake looks lovely!
Rachel x

Tracey said...

I have tagged!