Tuesday, 3 August 2010

At Last...

I've made something!

It seems so long since I had the desire to create anything but this week it seems to have come back.
I made these two yesterday and managed to finish off this pillow today.

And I made this trifle last night for after tea. Chocolate swiss roll, and red cherry pie filling topped with lots of cream.

Just off to finish off the left overs!


Lisa said...

Those spotty doga are just so cute.Like the quick trifle idea too.
Lisa x

bekimarie said...

Love the dogs and cushion but it's the trifle that has my mouth watering, looks rather yummy!

Beki xxx

michelle said...

Oh those dogs are lovely:)

Spotty really seems to have come back again.

I remember pictures of my Mum in dresses from the 1950's, they had lots of spots!!

Shame they were all in black and white then - the pictures that is:)
Michelle x

Kelly said...

I love the red dog!!
Thank you for the lovely comment you leaft on my blog I'm just trying to catch up and get round to say thank you!!
I'd love for you to come join in my massive giveaway!

Naturally Carol said...

You've had a very productive way, pie looks very yummy and the sewing delicious too!

Naturally Carol said...

PS...excuse my error...day not way, had a long day myself...hehehe