Monday, 2 August 2010

Busy Weekend!

We have been quite busy in the garden now for a while, our old wooden gates gave up on us after 9 years so we decided to have some metal ones made. This lead to a new brick wall being built, new side gate and railings! Having the new front wall built has led to us having a space to create a bin and garden tool store area, at last the rubbish will be out of sight, well once the plants have grown up in front of it! Sunday saw me and hubby working all day in the garden, I unload a tonne of soil from the back of his van and my arms and shoulders are aching today!
Front Garden

We've grown our own strawberries this year

We've been given some chilli plants and a Brussels sprout to have a go at growing too. They seem ok so far but I'll have to find a spot for the sprouts in the garden. Think that'll be my job for tomorrow.

Daisy's are my fave flower. Just had to take a photo of this yesterday.



All looks very nice - I love a nice bit of brickwork! Maybe something to do with my Grandfather being a builder!

Vicky x

Lisa said...

It all looks lovely, the colour of the brickwork is really nice.
Lisa x