Thursday, 31 March 2011

So Cute..

Spent yesterday browsing the shops at Merry Hill. Homesense has to be my favourite at the moment and I couldn't leave these two little cuties on the shelf. Luckily Jack is home form Uni so as son as I got home he knocked a few nails in and put them up for me. I also got a bird table and an arc to put over the step down to the lawn which he put together too. He's so different to his Dad, they would still be in the boxes waiting to be put up! 


lemonade kitty said...

Love the bird boxes are they made of tin? I can see signs of spring popping up in your garden, Lucey xx

Tracey said...

Thank goodness for's the same here! xxx

Clare Wassermann said...

Gosh I think you must be near me looking at your posts. I'm in Tettenhall. Your blog is fun!