Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Souper Day

Well it's not been the best of weeks so far. Monday not only started off damp and foggy but I got a phone call just after I had taken that photograph to say my Aunt had passed away. We knew it was going to happen, she had lung cancer, but never expected it to be quite so soon. At least she went peacefully and didn't have to suffer too much.

Yesterday and today I have been using up all the veg that is lying in my basket. We have a shelf full of soups in the freezer now. Above are the ingredients for parsnip and app,e soup and below curried sweet potato soup. This is one of my favourites, lovely and sweet and spicy.

I also took charge of my first delivery from Approved Foods. Some of the items are really cheap so hopefully we'll be able to save a few pennies. If you want inspiration for saving pennies have a read of this blog. I love to see what they are up to next.

I'm hoping that I can feed the four of us when the kids come home from uni for under £100 a week. Think we will be eating less meat and more veg. I'll keep you informed how we are getting on. Think the key to it is being organised and having a meal plan and sticking to it. You never know I may even loose that extra stone of weight that has crept on over the winter.

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