Monday, 16 May 2011

Flower Festival

Our local church held its first flower festival this weekend. I popped across on Saturday with my SIL to take a look. There were some beautiful arrangements and guess what, my battery decided to run out on my camera so I only have a few pics for you to look at. I managed to take a few with my mobile but don't know how to get them onto my blog form it. I have put a few off it on flickr but the others will have to wait until Jack gets back from uni to show me what to do. What will we do when he goes off travelling for seven months? Me nor hubby aren't very technically minded and Jack has got us set up with all this techy stuff, it takes me 10 mins to think about how to change the tv  channel.

Sunday I managed to spend a few hours in the garden and then I did a few hours sewing, it is MILs birthday next weekend and so I made her a covered coat hanger to go with one of the covered notebooks from last week. I also made the card but forgot to take a picture of that before I wrote it.

Hoping to do more sewing this week as I have a first birthday to cater for and thought I would make bunting with their name on. I haven't done much applique so will be a bit trial and error. Watch this space.

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