Monday, 14 November 2011

Christmas Comes Early!

We had an early Christmas Dinner yesterday at my Moms as my eldest Jack is going travelling for 7 month on 1st December with his girlfriend Rachel. My brother, Sister-in-law, and their 3 girls came too so it was just like Christmas Day. We all gave them there Christmas and Birthday Pressies to open and they were both surprised by how much their travel fund has grown! 

Jacks favourite chocolate cake

I will miss him loads but I know that now is the right time for them to do this. I wish I could pack up and go off for 7 months. He's just graduated from Uni and has a job to come back too so then he can start on the 9 to 5 grind everyday until your 65!

The Grandkids

Hopefully more blogging will resume here now so as to keep Jack up to date on whats been going on in Sunny Gornal whilst he's away.

The Travellers


Elizabethd said...

My grandson went off for 6 months after Uni, and had a wonderful time in parts of the world that one never would visit normally.
Hope they have good travels.

Kate said...

How exciting for him, wish we could justb drop everything and head off again!

selfsewn@summerfete said...

They will have an awesome time and be back before you can count to ten!!
At least there are brilliant ways of keeping in contact these days!!