Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Journey Begins...

Little sis, Dad, and Jacko

After twelve months of planning it was the day I had been looking forward to but also dreading at the same time when Jacko went off on his travels, 7 months of sightseeing! Thailand, Australia, New Zeland, Hawaii, California and New York. He's going with Rachel his girlfriend and meeting up with other friends on the way. What a chance of a lifetime, when I left school it was straight to work! 

The Travellers

And so the journey begins


Elizabethd said...

I do know how you feel....but what a time they will have seeing the world, and experiencing all sorts of new things.

Kelly said...

They will havwe an amazing time and when better to do these things than when there is nothing to tie you down! I can imagine you are going to miss him so much though!!!

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

For your son and his girlfriend, it will be an amazing once in a lifetime experience and hopefully they will bring back lots of incredible photos for you to enjoy.

Remind him to phone often just to reassure you that all is OK which I am sure it will be.