Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Busy Day

Well what a busy day I have had today. I have managed to hoover and polish all the way through and do a spot of cooking. I have been inspired by some of the very lovely blogs I read, everyone seems to be saving the pennies and using up all the weekly grocery shop so I thought I would too. I do try to make a meal plan every week but some weeks just don't go to plan. For tea tonight I roasted some of the leftover veg that was lurking in the bottom of the fridge then popped it on a sheet of puff pastry along with some chorizo and cheese. Served with salad  I must say I rather enjoyed it.

For our pudding I made a lemon tart. This was very tangy but very nice. First time I've made sweet shortcrust pastry and it wont be the last. 
Still got some left over veggies so think tomorrow will be a soup making day. Got to go to the train station now to pick up dear daughter then its back to watch The Paradise which we recorded from last night. 


Anonymous said...

Ooh your veggy and chorizo tart looks scrummy! I've got half a chorizo in my fridge so I think I might just have to try this recipe tomorrow for supper. x

Indigo Blue said...

Looks scrummy!

Elizabethd said...

Nothing quite as good as roasted vegetables, even on their own. I like the idea of using a pastry base.

Gabriel Chaves said...

yummy i love it keep it up