Monday, 10 November 2008

Remembrance Sunday Parade

Not much happening in our household this weekend, Jack came back from Uni so most of my time was spent doing washing and ironing. I don't mind though, it was just nice to have him home for a while. The Remembrance Sunday parade passes in front of our house each year. Mos t of the neighbours stand outside to watch it go by. Each year you notice the old soldiers getting less, this year there seemed to be a lot of younger people marching and there was one young lad in his Navy uniform who looked very smart. The Brownies, Guides, Cubs and Scout packs out of the Village all march too. I used to have walk with Sophie when she was in Brownies.

Whilst I was standing watching I noticed the Daffodil bulbs coming through in my pot in the front garden. Couldn't believe they were so high already.

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