Friday, 12 June 2009

Don't Like To Rush Things

Well it's only taken me about 5 years to get around to making this bag. First I got the remnant of white material from fabric warehouse 5 years ago and then on my first trip to Sewing for Pleasure at the NEC I fell in love with this huge cerise pink button. I cant tell you how many times I looked at that button in my button tin but couldn't bring myself to use it but a couple of nights ago I thought that's it, I can't keep keeping all this lovely stash just to look at, it defeats the object, so out came the scissors and within a couple of hours I had a new beach bag (I did think of selling it on Folksy but just couldn't part with it). We're off to Spain again in a couple of weeks so I will use it then.

Yesterday I popped to one of my favourite fabric shops, House of Sanderson, in Brierley Hill, they sell the most gorgeous curtain fabric, and a small selection of dress fabric at the best prices I have ever seen, remnants are just £1 per metre. Well I couldn't resist, I spent under £10 and look what I got. The green floral is my favourite, (feel another bag coming on!) and the one with the fruit on. I could have brought more but had to resist, the ceiling will fall down with the weight of all the material I've got up there waiting to use.


funkymonkey said...

Love the bag - and that button is wonderful. I'm afraid I do have a weakness for buttons.


Indigo Blue said...

A shopping day well spent I think. Oppps, sorry for that dreadful pun!!

Tracey said...

Fantastic bag and fabric! I LOVE the button.


Josie said...

the bag looks great and you did well to spend under £10 for all that lovely fabric!
Josie x


And I thought I had a big fabric stash!! Ha ha!
Congratulations JO - you've won my Birthday Giveaway! I need your addresss then I can get it to you - can't find an email for you.
Hope you like what you have won! x Vicky x

Aunt Pitty Pat's Fun said...

I love your bags and little clutches.. they are fantastic!!! speaking of fantastic.. what a fun place to visit. I know I would be hours in that very packed fabric shop :)