Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Daffodils for Christmas

I can't believe that the daffodils in the pot in our front garden are so tall and are in bud. Looks like we could have daffodils in flower for Christmas if this mild weather keeps up.

Managed to get a few more things finished off today. A couple of embroidered tea towels which a friend ordered a while ago but I've only just managed to get round to completing and an embroidered Birthday card ordered by the wife of a Wolves supporter.

I hope the recipients all like their gifts.
I have even managed to cut out Soph's curtains so hopefully either later tonight or sometime tomorrow I may have them finished (at last!).


Tracey said...

Clever clogs! Everything is lovely...XXX

funkymonkey said...

Those tea towels look great on an aga rail but they are too lovely to use.



My daffs are commin up too soon to, its this freakish weather!
nice towels!

Vicky x

Amy said...

wow...I love Daffs! Tea towels are lovely...very clever! xx

Janean said...

your tea towels are wonderful! sweet, sweet blog....daffodils for Christmas is new to me.