Monday, 30 November 2009

Thrifty Christmas

I need something to finish off my Mother & Father in Laws Christmas present, I always make them a Christmas cake, (I make 8 cakes altogether to give as presents) but I like to give something else with it. They have had a new bathroom fitted recently so I decided to embroider a new towel and face cloth I found in my bag of bits with a holly motif. I put this on a set of plain white towels for myself last year and popped them in the bathroom on Christmas Eve and made it look quite festive.

Embroidery machine in action

The finished items

I always buy the kids a jar of sweets to pop in there stockings, they may be 18 & 19 but they still have a stocking left in their bedroom by Santa, instead of buying this year I decided to use some of the jars I save for my jam making and fill them with a mixture of there favourite sweets. I t worked out much cheaper and I had enough to do jars for my Nieces too. I was quite pleased with how they turned out and think I may use this idea for Birthday gifts next year. We have an old fashioned sweet shop in the village who sells lots of lovely sweets and chocolates, your always spoilt for choice when you go in so I can fill the jars with every ones favorites from there.

6 comments: said...

love how the jars turned out, I am going to try this

Lisa said...

Those towels look really lovely and I love the jar idea too, may suggest this to G as a present idea for his dad from the children. I could get them to decorate the jars with their own labels.
Lisa x


Just love the sweetie jars!
All ours are grown Men now - but thet still have their stockings from Father Christmas!!

Vicky x

Tracey said...

Doesn't matter how old our kids get does it, we still like to treat them!

funkymonkey said...

I love the sweetie jars. In our house chocolate coins are a must. I think there would be a riot if I didn't buy them.


Kelly said...

Love the towels! They are great!!!
What a lovely present!