Saturday, 13 February 2010

Lazy Saturday

Well I have to admit we haven't done a great deal so far today. I managed to finish off my cardigan, it took me quite a while to stitch around the edges by hand. This is the second cardigan I have made from this pattern but this time I made the shorter version and think I will wear it more.

Seeing as I 'd got someone else to take my photo thought I'd show you the apron I made just after Christmas. This is a lovely bright pink flower, unlike in the picture and as it's reversible, I made the other side out of fushia pink and white polka dot.

This 20 minutes a day crafting is certainly making me get stuck in. Now what shall I make tomorrow? Got some green wool material left so think I make have a go at a jumper. Will let you know how I get on.

Oh forgot to say I have done the ironing and put it away!


claire said...

ooh I love the pinny...and the cardie is pretty great too :)

Lisa said...

Oh you look good in red!
Love the polka dots.
Can you come an do my ironing please? I think I have more clothes waiting to be ironed than hanging in the wardrobes!
Lisa x

Wipso said...

Hi, I'm just popping round to the other members of the 20 minuters to give them the opportunity to join in the Gift draw in our blog shop. It is partly down to the encouragement of MarmaladeRose that I am still really enjoying doing my 20 minutes of crafting every day and this is stocking the shelves in our shop. I hope you will pop over and join in the fun. The draw will be made on Mon 22nd Feb so this is the last week. If you choose to join in Good Luck. :-)
Many thanks,
A x

Amy said...

thats what you look like lol! love the cardi! xxx

BloggingMummy said...

Love the idea of 20mins a day....might have to pinch that one!! Love the pinny! BloggingMummy xx