Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Not Much Making, Just Mending

Well it seems like ages since I made something from scratch so I have managed to put together this hot water bottle cover from an old jumper I had stashed away up the loft from a few years ago ( don't think I could wear stripes now!). It only took about 20 minutes so that took care of my 20 minutes crafting for today. All I seem to have been doing for the last week is altering things for friends and family. I didn't mind altering hubby's jeans from boot cuts to straight legs but the skirt I had to cut off and turn up for a friend was a nightmare! It was a Per Una skirt that was cut on the bias and  was made from different pieces of fabric sewn together. To get this hem level had me nearly in tears, after unpicking it for the second time (the bottom seemed as wide as the M1) I managed to get it hanging level.

The next item I had to do was my Nan's nightie. It needed to be open all down the front as she can't lift her arms above her head now to put it on. My machine took a total dislike to the jersey material it was made of even though I used a ball point needle. I was going to put button holes down the front but eneded up sewing pieces of velcro on instead.

I have managed to cut myself out a cardigan out of the wool fabric I used to make my jumpers for Christmas. I'm hopefully going to sew this together on my over locker so it should be quicker than my machine. Will let you know how I get on.

Still doing my exercises with the Wii but no weight loss last week, 1.5lb on! Too much picking in between meals I think. Will have to try and be good this week.



Weight loss and I just don't see eye to eye - I've given up for now - I was just getting so stressed!
Nice hotwater bottle cover - I could'nt live without my bottle!

Vicky x

claire said...

I lost weight last week...nearly 3 lb's my first loss in months so I rewarded myself with lots of eating :(
I'm hopeless!!
I made a hot water bottle cover from an old jumper last week....yours looks the right shape..I managed to make mine wonky!!!!

Lisa said...

Don't mention wightloss,I'm sat ehre readong blogs drinking tea and eating shortbread!
Lisa x

MarmaladeRose said...

Love the hot water bottle cover. That jumper was made for that bottle teehee!

Weightloss...I've just polished off far too many pigs in blanket that I discovered lurking in the bottom of the freezer from xmas!

Kelly said...

Great result for you 20 minutes of crafting!