Saturday, 7 February 2009

Camera case at last.

Had a nice walk in the sunshine this morning with hubby. We went down to the village to do a few bits of shopping. I love Saturday morning in the village as you always meet lots of people to have a natter with and a twenty minute trip often turns into a 2 hour one. Today was no different, Auntie Dot, Uncle John, Auntie Gladys, Uncle Jack, Mr Malpass to name a few we bumped into. Sophie works in the Chemist on Saturdays so we called for hot pork sandwiches and walked round to my Moms to eat them whilst she was on her dinner. Once Soph had gone back to work we made our way home.

John has had a go kart so once we got home he went into the garage to work on it so I got the sewing machine out and made myself a camera case out of some Betty Boop material I had left from making a bag last summer. The spotted case I made in the week Sophie wants. The pictures aren't too good but I think you'll get the gist of them. I have cut out another two as my mom and niece both had new cameras for Christmas.

I really enjoyed my few hours sewing, it made a nice change from housework. Looks like the weather is going to be snowy again tomorrow and the headlines on our evening paper say that Dudley council has only enough grit to last the weekend. What will Monday morning on the roads be like!!

Off for a glass of wine or two now.


Indigo Blue said...

Sewing and wine, sound like my perfect way to spend time.


Pretty, pretty fabrics, real nice 'Girly' cameras - I have nothing so pretty.
I think you will have to hibernate next week - have you the essentials ? pleanty of wine in ?
Take care

funkymonkey said...

I think you ought to go into production with your camera cases. I'm really looking forward to next week if we have no roads gritted and the weather sounds like it will be even worse! I just hope school isn't closed again as I'm running out of leave!

Amy said...

We will be eating them but if we get enough then mum wants some!
Them cases are fab!
Amy x

summerfete said...

I like your pretty blog!
Hope you dont get snowed in. The snow is all gone from here now.