Thursday, 5 February 2009

Not Got Much Done Today!!

Today has been one of those days when nothing I had planned to do got done. Sophie's college was closed again today due to the heavy snow so she was at home and full of ideas to make some extra money. She wants to go away on holiday in the summer with her boyfriend so needs some extra cash (don't we all!!) She has decided to start selling on Ebay, we had a visit to local charity shops, not much there though, and emptied a few cupboards and now she's waiting for a few bids on ebay. You can check out her items here.

I have managed to make myself a camera case which I will try and photograph tomorrow. As soon as Soph saw it she wanted one too.

I do like this snowy weather but I am so looking forward to the Spring. Can't wait until the daffs are open in the garden. Until then I'll just have to carry on embroidering them on the Birthday Cards I have been making.



Pretty, pretty Daffs ~I do so love them!

Josie said...

the card looks lovely. Our daffodils are just poking through the snow!
Josie x

Country Cottage Chic said...

What a pretty card! Hope your daughter sells all her things!

Tracey said...

Hi Jo, you have been tagged! please see my blog for details!!!
Tracey xxx