Friday, 20 February 2009

Folksy Here I come!

After much debating I decided to have a go at Folksy today. You can find me here.

It was quite easy to register but I found it quite long winded to list an item. The first item I listed the photographs didn't look too good so took a few more and it came out a bit better. (My photo taking is not the best in the world, I'm hoping it will become better the more I take)

The towels & cards I embroidered yesterday and have put for sale on Folksy.

I have quite a few items tucked away in our loft which I made last year for a craft fair I attended hopefully I will list these and you never know I may sell something.

I need to make a few pennies as whilst hubby was at work today someone tried to break in his van. Luckily he heard the alarm go off and ran outside, they had broken the passenger window but hadn't managed to take anything as he scared them off. I wouldn't mind but the only thing on the passenger seat for them to take was his lunch box with two tuna sandwiches in!!!


Country Cottage Chic said...

Very pretty! Good luck with them. Do you have an embroidery machine?

Sorry to hear about hubby's van...maybe it was a large, hungry cat after the tuna? ;-)

Indigo Blue said...

It can be long winded to list an item but the more you do it the quicker you will get. If I have several items I put all of the pictures in one file at a time and have a pre-written template as to what to write which I tweak depending on what I am listing. You must then show on your blog what you have listed so that people can see if they want to pop over and take a further look. I wish you luck with it.

bekimarie said...

Well done you, the towels are lovely.
Have a good weekend.
Beki xxx

Fabric Nation said...
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Fabric Nation said...

Lovely things! The embroidery machine sounds fab. Yes, listing is a bit tedious. All the short cuts Indigo Blue suggests are helpful, but I also find that it does take me ages! I usually have a couple of windows open so I can do a bit of chat on the forums whilst the pictures are loading! If you have access to photoshop you can change the canvas size to square dimensions so that the entire picture shows. But I thought your pics were lovely and clear. gx
(whoops, posted before I was finished!)