Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Old Age Must Be Creeping Up On Me

Hubby had to go to work early this morning but I didn't mind getting up early has I had a dental appointment first thing. Got myself ready, cleaned the snow off the car (it's not moved off the drive for over a week) and headed off for the dentist. Got to the reception and said to the young girl Mrs Robinson, 10.15, she looked at me and said she couldn't see me on the list. I said , my appointment was 10.15 on the 11th, she looked at me and said that's tomorrow, yes I can see you on tomorrow's list.

Think this was my first Alzheimer's moment.


Josie said...

oops, bet that was embarassing! I try to make any appointments at the same time 11am then all I have to remember is which day
Josie x

Tracey said...

Common thing with me! Old or daft? Both in my case!
Tracey xxx

Country Cottage Chic said...

LOL! That is exactly the sort of thing that I do!